Car Brite Black Pearl™ SiO2 Ceramic Coating Speed Spray

Car Brite Black Pearl™ SiO2 Ceramic Coating Speed Spray



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Black Pearl™ SiO2 Ceramic Coating Speed Spray


    Ceramic SiO2 spray is the fastest way to ceramic protection. Provides a durable shine with protection that lasts up to 1 year. 


    Function: SiO2 ceramic spray-on coating
    Surfaces: Paint, Glass, & Chrome
    Formulation: Silicon Dioxide
    Color: Clear
    Fragrance: Unscented

    Key Benefits

    Protects against: scratches, adhesion of grime, insects, tree sap, bird dropping, acid rain, corrosion, oxidation, fading, ultra-violet (UV) light and water spots.

    How to use

    1. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Application should be done in a well-lit area.
    2. Car Brite recommends using multiple colored microfiber towels for this process to avoid risk of contamination or damage.
      1. Your choice of color for compound & polish
      2. We recommend white for the removal of silicone prior to the application as it will reveal any areas needing cleaning attention
      3. A dedicated color for buffing the ceramic. This cloth must be disposed of after application is complete as tiny glass particles could cause scratching.
    3. The first step with any ceramic coating is to prepare the surface by removing any scratches and surface contaminants.
      1. After washing the vehicle, inspect for scratches and surface contaminants. Surface contaminants can be felt by gently wiping a piece of plastic film over the surface.
        1. Remove scratches with Car Brite SELECT Painted Surface Care or Trilogy compounds and polishes.
        2. Remove surface contaminants with a Car Brite Surface Prep Mitt or clay bar.
    4. Next, remove any wax, silicone or grease using isopropyl alcohol over entire surface to be coated.
    5. Lightly spritz 2 pumps of Black Pearl Speed Spray direct to a clean, low-pile microfiber towel or microfiber applicator and spread evenly over panel, working with one panel at a time. No larger than ½ hood at a time.
      1. Note: The size of the area that can be coated will depend on temperature and humidity.
    6. Allow 1-3 minutes to dry to a light haze, then remove with a clean microfiber towel.
    7. Continue this process until entire vehicle has been coated.


    Solvent Based: Yes
    Ready-to-Use: Yes