Car Brite Lacquer Thinner 5 US Gal Size

Car Brite Lacquer Thinner 5 US Gal Size



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Lacquer Thinner

  • Body Shop Safe


Lacquer Thinner is a special blend of aromatic hydrocarbon and polar solvents that provide exceptional performance.  


Function: Thin bulk engine paint
Formulation: Solvent blend
Flammability: High
Color: Colorless
Fragrance: Unscented

Key Benefits

  • Toluene-free

How to use

  1. Follow the paint manufacturer's dilution instructions, usually one part product mixed with one part paint (1:1).

NOTE:  When thinning paint, make sure finished product complies with local VOC restrictions



Body Shop Safe: Yes
Solvent Based: Yes
Ready-to-Use: Yes