Car Brite Select Acid Wheel Cleaner



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A ready-to-use, VOC compliant, phosphate-free, acid wheel cleaner formulated to safely remove brake dust and heavy road film from most wheel types.  

Key Benefits

  • Cleans and brightens wheels without excessive scrubbing
  • Quickly removes brake dust and road film, reducing labor costs
  • Heavy duty product that can be safely used on most wheel types 
  • DO NOT USE on:  PVD, polished uncoated aluminum or anodized wheels
  • Characteristics

    Function: Remove heavy dirt, grease, road film, brake dust and oxidation
    Surfaces: Metal, coated and plastic wheels
    pH: 1
    Formulation: Water-based solution containing acid
    Corrosiveness: High (acidic)
    Color: Colorless
    Fragrance: Unscented

    How to use

    1. Use product undiluted or dilute 1:1.
    2. For best results, wet wheel and surrounding areas to cool surface before applying product.
    3. Spray product directly on wheel and let dwell for 30 seconds
    4. Agitate product on wheel with spoke brush, if necessary.
    5. Thoroughly pressure rinse wheel and surrounding surfaces.
    6. When cleaning the tire, also apply Exterior Cleaner / Degreaser or Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner to the wheel to neutralize any traces of acid that remain.

    DO NOT USE on:  PVD, polished uncoated aluminum or anodized wheels.


    VOC Compliant: Yes
    Body Shop Safe: Yes
    Phosphate Free: Yes
    NPE Free: Yes
    Water Based: Yes
    Ready-to-Use: Yes
    Available in 1 US Gal & 5 US Gal Containers