Car Brite Select Car Soap



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  • Description:

    A super concentrated, liquid Car Soap featuring a thick, rich foam that safely removes dirt, bugs and grime with a spot-free rinse.

  • Key Benefits

    • pH balanced formulation safe for all paint types
    • Enhanced surfactants produce long lasting, deep, rich foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension, preventing it from reattaching to vehicle surfaces
    • Generates excellent sheeting action preventing water spotting
    • Highly concentrated formulation mixes with water, reducing usage costs
    • Characteristics

      Function: Remove dirt and grime
      Surfaces: Exterior paint, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl
      Formulation: Water-based solution
      Rinsing: Sheeting
      Color: Pink
      Fragrance: Watermelon

      How to use

      1. Mix 2 ounces of soap in 5 gallons of water. (1:320)
      2. Wet surface with cool water and apply soap solution.
      3. Agitate solution with sponge or wash mitt, including wheel wells (using a separate mitt).
      4. Rinse vehicle from the top down, using low pressure.
      5. Remove excess water with chamios.


      • Do not wash vehicle in direct sunlight
      • Mix as directed.  Over concentration of quality soaps can lead to unwanted streaking.

      Recommended metering tip:  Pink


      Body Shop Safe: Yes
      Phosphate Free: Yes
      NPE Free: Yes
      Biodegradable: Yes
      Water Based: Yes
      Concentrated: Yes
  • Available In US Gal Or 5 US Gal Containers