Car Brite Select Glass Cleaner

Car Brite Select Glass Cleaner



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  • A highly concentrated, VOC compliant, glass cleaner that quickly removes dirt, smoke and traffic film without streaking. It contains a blend of alcohol and grease-cutting agents, and is ammonia-free.
  • VOC compliant, phosphate-free and body shop-safe formula
  • Alcohol and grease-cutting agents quickly remove smoke & traffic film
  • Low usage cost due to high concentration
  • Quickly removes range of contaminants from glass & chrome surfaces
  • Body Shop Safe
  • How to use

  • Mix one part product with 20-30 parts water depending on cleaning strength and water quality.
  • Spray product directly onto glass.
  • Agitate solution with lint-free cloth or paper towel. If cloths are used, designate them as "window only", and store and wash them separately.
  • Wipe glass clean with second clean cloth or towel.