Car Brite Special Protect All (Satin Finish) Dressing

Car Brite Special Protect All (Satin Finish) Dressing



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  • A water-based, all-purpose dressing with a cherry fragrance that produces a satin finish while helping protect rubber, plastic and vinyl interior and exterior surfaces.  Conditioning agents help protect against sun and wear by restoring moisture, keeping surfaces soft and pliable.
  • Water-based formula contains no harsh solvents
  • Safely shines and protects exterior and interior rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces
  • Satin gloss gives "like new" appearance
  • Safe to use on engines
  • Available In Gal & 5Gal
  • How to use

    Exterior & Interior

    1. Spray product on applicator pad.
    2. Apply product to vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces with pad.
    3. Allow to dry, or wipe dry with clean towel.


    1. Prior to applying product, thoroughly clean tire with a general purpose cleaner and tire brush, then pressure rinse and wipe dry.
    2. Spray product on applicator pad.
    3. Apply product to tire with pad.
    4. Allow product to thoroughly dry before moving vehicle.


    1. Spray entire engine evenly.
    2. Wipe down with soft, clean cloth.
    1. SDS LINK