Carbrite Select Exterior Interior Cleaner / Degreaser



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An extremely versatile, VOC compliant, concentrate formulated to remove soil, light grease, bugs and road film from exterior vehicle surfaces and dirt, grime and stains from interior rubber, plastic, vinyl and fabric


Function: Remove dirt, grime and light grease
Surfaces: Metal, paint, chrome, rubber, plastic, vinyl & fabric
pH: 12.5
Formulation: Water-based solution
Corrosiveness: High (caustic)
Color: Blue
Fragrance: Unscented

Key Benefits

  • Alkalis and surfactants loosen and remove stubborn dirt and grime
  • Water-soluble solvents dissolve light grease and grime
  • Features high penetrating foam that holds soil in suspension for easy rinsing
  • Concentrated formulation mixes with water, reducing usage costs

How to use


  1. Mix 1 part product with 4 parts water (1:4).
  2. Wet down surrounding painted surface with cool water.
  3. Generously spray engine and allow to dwell for several minutes.
  4. Thoroughly pressure rinse, standing at different angles.

Exterior Grillwork & Rocker Panels

  1. Mix 1 part product with 4 parts water (1:4).
  2. Spray on surface and allow to dwell one minute.
  3. Agitate solution with sponge or moistened Doo-All Pad.
  4. Pressure rinse thoroughly.

Interior Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

  1. Mix 1 part product with 8 parts water (1:8).
  2. Spray product on towel, brush or applicator pad.
  3. Apply to surfaces, and scrub vigorously.
  4. Dry area completely with clean towel.

Upholstery & Carpeting

  1. Mix 1 part product with 8 parts water (1:8) in a bucket, and agitate to generate foam.
  2. Apply foam to fabric with towel or brush. To minimize soaking, do not apply solution.
  3. Vigorously scrub fabric, cleaning entire panel.
  4. Towel dry, then thoroughly vacuum area cleaned.


VOC Compliant: Yes
Body Shop Safe: Yes
Phosphate Free: Yes
NPE Free: Yes
Water Based: Yes
Concentrated: Yes

Available in 1 US Gal, or 5 US Gallon Containers