Hi-Buff Foam Soft Polish Waffle Foam Pad 8" Blue 2/Pack

Hi-Buff Foam Soft Polish Waffle Foam Pad 8" Blue 2/Pack



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HI-BUFF Waffle Foam Buffing Pads, 8 inch 2/Pack

  •  HI-BUFF BRAND - Professional 8" Waffle Polishing Pads are our highest quality foam for applying all compound, wax, paint sealants and polishing products
  • CHOOSE FROM 4 PADS - Can be used in place of wool pad, removes heavy oxidation, water spots, and wet sand scratches to final finishing of high end show car paint
  • WAFFLE DESIGN - Dissipates heat quickly minimizing potential finish damage and extending the buffing time of compound, polish, wax, and sealants
  •  DURABILITY - MADE IN USA - Pads are made with durable open cell foam, which improves the airflow between the pad and the surface for maximum cooling and smooth polishing


Color Guide to Hi Buff Foam Polishing Pads

White - Heavy Cut

Frequently used in place of wool pads. Very aggressive and appropriate for correction of heavily oxidized paint, severe acid rain, and wet sand scratches.

Yellow - Medium Cut

Can be used in place of wool pads for paint correction for surfaces with light to moderate surface defects or oxidation. 

Blue - Soft Polish

An excellent choice for use with waxes and polishes to produce a deep gloss on any painted surface. This pad is preferred for swirl removal.

Black - Final Finish

The ultimate in finish, shine, and gloss. 

Use With VP-10T or VP-11T Backer